Monthly Member Meeting | Navigating Emotions in a Negotiation

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Alice will go over how emotions affect the brain. She will go over how to reduce the emotional charge within oneself and within the other party in order to have more effective negotiations.

Key takeaways: 

Ways to recognize when emotions are high within yourself 

How to recognize when emotions are derailing a negotiation 

How to get the negotiation back on track by reducing high emotions 

Negotiation tactics to help people feel calmer 


Alice Shikina is an international speaker, mediator and negotiation coach. She is originally from Louisiana.  She spent over twenty years as an actress, playwright and director. She uses the skills she learned as an actress in her negotiations and mediations. She is passionate about helping people get the most out of their lives through negotiations. Alice lives in Oakland, CA with her two teenage sons. She is the author of “Negotiating with Your Kids” available on Amazon. 

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