About the National Association of Divorce Professionals

Uniting and helping vetted professionals who serve divorcing clients make quality connections easier and faster. The NADP is committed to making a positive impact on the divorce process.

About NADP

We are the first Association to unite professionals in the legal, financial, mental health and residential industries who serve divorcing clients. We provide access, connections and results for our members, and the unique opportunity to create strategic alliances within the divorce industry.

The NADP is the pioneer of business to business divorce industry information and resources for a large range of professionals who guide their clients through this overwhelming time. The NADP is dedicated to providing high quality introductions to members and the unique opportunity to create mutually valuable relationships within the divorce industry.


Our Mission

The NADP’s mission is to help our members come together nationally and locally in a powerful and productive way to change how their clients experience divorce, and ultimately make a positive impact on the entire process.

The NADP Team

Liz Becker

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Nicole Feuer

VP of Development
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Cybill Escarro

NADP Membership & CDS support specialist
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Core Values

At the NADP we believe that in order to achieve the best results for one’s clients, our members must be equipped with the right divorce resources and knowledge.

The NADP is built upon the principles of growth and collaboration through two of the most important tools available:


Consistently learning about a process that involves so many moving pieces, helps NADP members become a better, more prepared divorce professional.


Having a team of dedicated, knowledgeable and supportive colleagues from various industries, gives NADP members better options, and more positive solutions for their clients.

Building mutually beneficial alliances takes time, effort and reciprocity, and can only be developed when the following qualities, of which the NADP greatly values, are present:

Clients First

Just as NADP members expect us to provide the proper platform and tools to help them thrive as divorce professionals; we expect our members to be dedicated to providing the best possible service to their clients.  This includes:

Born in Manhattan, Victoria earned her Visual Merchandising Degree at the Fashion Institute of Technology – majoring in Drafting, and then in Computer Aided Design & Drafting.
Experiencing her own divorce in 2008, Victoria returned to the classroom earning her Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies – accredited by the American Bar Association. Aspiring to assist others transition their marital status’ amicably, prompted her to become a certified mediator; however, there seemed to be such a disconnect…the process needed to be refined.
In 2017 Victoria met the Co-Founders of the National Association of Divorce Professionals and was afforded the opportunity to join the National Team. Sharing the mission of the NADP, Victoria has found her calling…being part of the Village, collaborating to Make a Positive Impact on the Divorce Process One Professional at a Time.

Nicole Feuer, is a trained Certified Divorce Coach and Divorce Mediator and before joining the NADP, Nicole started her career in the divorce field as mediator until 2009 when she went through her own painful and complex divorce. This journey, coupled with her experience as a divorce mediator, lead to her desire to begin helping others and advising men and women at every stage of divorce. In 2012 Nicole founded Start Over Smart Divorce Advisors and produced the first-ever Divorce Expo in NYC giving hundreds of people the opportunity to connect with divorce professionals and resources.

In 2014, Nicole became a Certified Divorce Coach, which provided her more training and skills to support her clients going through divorce. Then in 2016, after starting a Chapter of the NADP in Connecticut, she joined the NADP National team. Nicole now works full time to help the Association grow on a National level to make a positive impact on the Divorce Process one professional at a time

Liz Becker is the President & Founder of the National Association of Divorce Professionals and Senior Trainer of the CDS™ Program. Liz is also a Licensed NLP Master Practitioner, Communications Skills Coach & Trainer, and has almost two decades of experience in working with both divorcing clients and the professionals who serve them. Having worked in the divorce industry for many years, she has a keen sense for detecting specific issues that create obstacles for all parties involved in the process. Whether she was conducting NLP certification trainings, teaching co-parenting workshops, coaching divorcing clients or speaking at conferences, Liz has always found great reward in educating people how to communicate more effectively and achieve positive change in their lives, both personally and professionally. Her passion and commitment to improving the way families experience divorce is unwavering and will always remain a priority to her. 

Vicky Townsend is the Co-founder of the National Association of Divorce Professionals, an association for all of the licensed professionals that work with clients before during and after divorce. A Florida State University alum, Vicky has had a long career in the advertising and marketing industry. Vicky was with one of Miami’s largest ad agencies and she later worked in the broadcasting industry with radio stations in 7 large metro’s and was a partner in a concert promotion company. She has extensive experience with sales and marketing strategies. After a painful divorce, filled with errors, and a labyrinthine system that no one in the “real world” could negotiate, Vicky decided to radically improve a broken family law system. She believes that the divorce process can be done better, without destroying a family emotionally or financially.