Hear from existing members how the NADP has impacted their business for both them and their clients.

"The NADP offers a solution that works well for me in providing support for my divorce group members and clients. Not only am I surrounded by reputable professionals that I feel proud to refer my clients to, I also learn a lot from them so that I, too, can be knowledgeable and helpful to the people I serve.  In addition to all of that, a bonus that I never expected, is that I cultivated a really nice group of friends that I may never have met otherwise. "
Barbara Bennett
Marriage and Family Therapist
"I can't even tell you how advantageous it has been to my practice. Not just because of the referrals... it's more about the relationships."
Andrea Reid
Family Law Attorney
"There is so much information to be gathered on the website, including the NADP Marketing Workshops... they bring wonderful speakers, great guests that really can help your business."
Leonard Gottlieb
Real Estate Agent
"For me, the NADP is an organization with such wonderful resources that are available to members..."
Evan Schein

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