Monthly Member Meeting | Divorce in Special Needs Families – Learning What You Don’t Know

Approved for 1 General CLE, 1 Marital and Family Law CLE, and 1 Wills, Trust and Estates CLE.

Divorce under any circumstances can be a very complicated and emotional process.  For families with special needs children, it is particularly challenging, especially when it comes to dealing with child support, decision making for minor children and guardianship after the child turns 18.  Decisions made by couples during the divorce process will affect the future of the child and the family.   Identifying the relevant issues, encouraging them to make a long-term plan for their child and then to make decisions based on the long-term plan leads to better outcomes for the family and the child.  This presentation will identify issues that must be considered in a divorce involving a special needs child, including financial planning, creating trusts, determining guardianship, and drafting custody agreements, both residential and legal, that address special education and medical issues related to co-parenting a child with special needs.

Here are a few of the many topics they will cover:
Best Practices
Child Support
Supplemental Needs Trusts
Financial Considerations in Special Needs Planning

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