Social Security benefits in a divorce, what every divorce professional should know.

The Social Security program provides benefits to dependents of workers, including spousal, survivor and children’s benefits.  These same dependent benefits are available to certain divorced individuals, but with different eligibility rules.

As with much of Social Security, the rules that apply to divorced individuals are commonly misunderstood, which can lead to a significant amount of lost income for those retirees.

This webinar will provide you with the critical details that determine eligibility for Social Security divorced spousal and survivor benefits.

In some cases, retirees are able to collect a benefit based on their ex’s earnings history then later switch to their own retirement benefit if it becomes higher.

If the ex-spouse of a divorced person has died, that person may still be able to collect survivor benefits even if they have remarried, but only after a certain age. Survivor benefits are the most often overlooked and missed benefits, especially for divorced individuals.

Although applications for divorced spousal benefits may be made online, all applications for survivor benefits must be made in person or on the phone with a SSA representative.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Who is eligible for Social Security ex-spousal and survivor benefits,
  • How to apply for these benefits,
  • What determines the benefit amounts you will receive,
  • When you should apply for ex-spousal and survivor benefits, and
  • What information you need to provide to the SSA when making an application, and
  • MUCH more!

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