Legal, Financial and Cultural Implications of Religious Divorce with Jackie Harounian

It is vitally important to understand where clients are coming from and to respect the cultural and religious context of their lives and their disputes. The divorce professional’s task is to help clients make informed rational decisions that will shape their future. Individuals of all faiths, cultures, and backgrounds have life cycle rituals and betrothal traditions. Upon divorce, there are rules in place that are based on thousands of years of religious practice. In many communities, including but not limited to Orthodox Jews, traditional Muslims, and Christians, the end of a marriage can be a shameful experience. The rift between the couple is a deep disappointment that affects each individual but also his or her extended family, and oftentimes has tremendous financial implications to one member of that couple. It is not a secret that divorce matters have an emotional intensity that few other legal practice areas have. When you combine stigma, family honor, unresolved anger, and an adversarial legal forum, otherwise simple divorce matters can become very complex to handle. In this CLE, Jacqueline Harounian will address legal, financial, & cultural, and psychological issues regarding religious divorce, and how they intersect with civil divorce proceedings.

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