As Lockdowns Linger a New Crisis Arises – The increase of Domestic Violence Worldwide

WARNING: This webinar contains disturbing and graphic content. 

Panelists: Master Deputy Sheriff Gary Gordon & Blunt Trauma and  Strangulation Expert RN, Tara Goduy

A few important resources for your clients:

1-800-799- SAFE will switch your clients to a center in their state to get them help in real-time. is an online chat site for domestic abuse victims.  This website has an escape button so that if your client is online with a counselor and their abuser walks in, your client can hit that button and it will automatically switch them to a google search page and their history with them is AUTOMATICALLY erased and it cannot be traced. Click here to see screenshot.Click here to see the state statutes for mandatory reporters of child abuse or neglect.  Please check with your state to see if YOU are a mandatory reporter.  
For more information, you can reach out to Tara at [email protected]

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