Monthly Member Meeting | How Do You Make Uncomfortable Situations Comfortable?

Presenter: Mike Gregory

Mike will define collaboration engaging the audience in a high energy session on this topic. Mike will be using elements from three of his books in today’s presentation, his most recently released book The Collaboration Effect, and Peaceful Resolutions and The Servant Manager. Brain science will be applied to enlighten participants on the steps necessary to explore and enhance opportunities to provide for better client outcomes. Mike will give participants one of the tools they need so that they can apply this technique immediately at work and in life. LEARNING OBJECTIVES As a result of today’s session participants will be able to: · Define collaboration and The Collaboration Effect® · Describe connecting relationships, listening actively, and educating judiciously · Apply the listening technique to take positive actions going forward · Reference The Collaboration Effect® Pocket Guide · Have greater focus, control, and peace in their professional and personal life.

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  1. Hi! I was watching this to be able to submit a CEU, but the video cut off before Liz finished at the end when she was thanking Mike for being a guest. How can we get the CEU code for this to submit?