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The Mosten Guthrie Academy


Forrest “Woody” Mosten and Susan Guthrie partnered in 2020 to found the Mosten Guthrie Academy to provide gold standard training programs and consulting groups for mediators, collaborative professionals and coaches.  We offer both basic and advanced and specialty programs all headed and supervised by Woody and Susan.  All trainings are offered in a virtual format and include innovative skills, techniques and technology to help you advance your practice to the next level.  We have a wide variety of trainings and programming to support you so join us and become a member of the Mosten Guthrie Family!


The Mosten Guthrie Academy Provides:

  1. Cutting Edge quality basic trainings
  2. Follow-up Mediation Study Groups that enhance the basic course with practice case supervision
  3. Advanced courses with sophisticated curriculum that build on our basic courses
  4. Practice Development trainings that provide concrete strategies to build your own financially viable conflict resolution business.
  5. All offerings available on line with interaction and personal career help from our experienced faculty.

About Woody and Susan:

Woody has developed and perfected the concepts and trainings over his lifetime career as a mediator, collaborative practitioner and peacemaker. Woody’s body of work is supported by numerous published books and materials that have successfully trained mediators for over 30 years. Woody will not only personally instruct many of our Academy courses but has trained each one of us in his approach and craft.

Woody’s recognized trainings include the following:

  1. Mediation to Resolve Disputes;
  2. Peacemaking to Prevent and Manage Conflict
  3. Collaborative Practice Including Highly Functioning Interdisciplinary Teams
  4. Unbundled Professional Services that Create a Partnership Between Clients and Their Professionals to Increase Access and Lower Costs for Clients
  5. Developing a Successful and Profitable Practice to provide you and your family with financial security as you help your clients

Susan is an international innovator, practitioner, and trainer in modern online service delivery. Her webinars and podcasts have influenced thousands of professionals worldwide. Susan not only teaches courses for the Academy, but her expertise and commitment to cutting edge online practice and technology is infused into every course offered by the Academy.  

They are committed to making the Mosten/Guthrie Academy the gold standard of training in conflict resolution and prevention training. Our courses meet or exceed leading mediation certification programs. We are committed to providing the best instruction, easy to follow materials, visual technology to support your career path at a cost that you can afford.

Most of all, they believe that our society needs more highly trained peacemakers and will do everything within our power to prepare you to fill this need.


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